Welcome to Magic Music Room: a culmination of over 15 years of voice teaching, professional singing of multiple genres, research, mindfulness and other techniques. Marta Burns interdisciplinary journey has resulted in an approach to voice that aims to more clearly unite voice research with practical application. The unique tools employed in Magic Music Room are designed and destined to unlock and open your voice.

We deliver a professional, passionate, personal approach to singing lessons, whether you are just starting to explore your voice or already an experienced professional musician looking for highly specialised technical advice.

Lesson & Practice Schedule

Voice lesson with highly trained and experienced professional can help voice users at any level and in any opera, medium- musical theatre, rock, voice–over, radio world music and any other voice use you can imagine. Inviting you to start this exciting journey of self-discovery.

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See what our Singing students say:

"My daughter has been taking singing lessons with Marta for the last two years. Marta is a gifted professional singer herself with a deep understanding of the vocal technique. She is guiding my daughter to put this technique into practice and we are delighted with her progress. Marta has a very artistic, intelligent and warm personality."

Viara Todorova

"Marta has an amazing way to teach... The classes are always dynamic, and she always pushes us to the limit, showing us that we are capable to sing, play... She always makes me feel comfortable and better each class. Follow your heart! Best teacher ever!"

Musi Santos

"I had a pleasure to work with Marta in Dublin, she is a highly professional, knowledgeable and passionate teacher. Marta works with children and adults nourishing their talents and encouraging them to make progress while enjoying music. And most of all she is a real sweetheart"

Kinga Krupa

"Marta is a great teacher. Had classes with two other teachers before our paths crossed and they taught very poorly compared to her. Not only very professional but also warm and understanding, knows how to motivate her students and make them believe that everything is possible with just a little effort. Highly recommend!"

Paulina Espejo

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