What would you like to do:

Discover Your Talents in The Magic Music Room

  • Want to hit those high notes without having to shout and strain?
  • Want to stop your voice flipping from one sound to another?
  • Want to improve your range?
  • Want to learn different singing modes and vocal technique?
  • Want to gain more presence and confidence of expression in speaking or singing?
  • Want your voice to do exactly what you want to do?
  • Want to dive in more into your inner self?
  • Do you want to start a Healing journey?
  • Do you want to find your real voice?

Develop Your Skills to Enchant Your Audience

  • Want to find a way to express emotions that can be therapeutic?
  • Want to find a way to relax?
  • Want to learn the correct piano technique?
  • Want to learn Music theory?
  • Want to improve brain function and memory?
  • Want to have more joy in your life?

Success Stopped in The Voice

Live instagram meeting translated into English with Anna Choińska (Instytut Anny Choińskiej) and Marta Burns (Magic Music Room) - Success Stopped in The Voice / Sukces zatrzymany w głosie

From Marta Burns: "I am delighted to host and interview this extraordinary woman: Anna Choinska"

From Anna Choińska: "I got invited by Marta Burns, amazing artist, creator and owner of Magic Music Room in Ireland, whos potential she was developing also through The Tissues of Success! Her story, experience, her voice and commitment to the passion of teaching, her warmth and openness are today the fundaments of teaching others how to walk into your own destiny and fulfilment through music! Me - a teacher - also a guide of freeing up from voices from ancestral entanglement - I received this invite with a big enjoyment.

For this meeting I invite everyone who feels that is not in their own destiny, teachers, pedagogues, psychologists, people working with talent and parents who needs to see their child in the wider context!"

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